Online Marketing Training for Entrepreneurs

Online Marketing Training for Entrepreneurs

How to choose an online business program or internet marketing course?

First, understand there’s lot of noise and fake gurus teaching theory. Everyone can teach but are those people teaching making money online utilizing marketing right NOW. Are the methods applicable to any business or just to their product….

I’ve been building businesses online since 1998. I’ve learned marketing strategies that no course or online marketing class could teach back then and are now being thought by top industry leaders. Since, my background is in SEO, I wanted to master internet marketing so good that I could teach it one day. I want to master traffic, marketing, conversions and reach millions people. However there are few things to learn first, like what are the best tools, funnels, branding, email follow up, etc. basic stuff.

I also didn’t realize the wealth of information and the options that were available. I did my fair share of trial and error, testing different educational products with not so great experience, so the program I want to introduce you right now is what I use and what I recommend to everyone because I know it works. It’s beginner friendly, yet intermediate or even advanced 7-figure earner can utilize to get to go 8- and 9-figures. It is designed for entrepreneurs, network marketers, affiliate marketers, coaches, consultants, authors, speakers, insurance sales agents… you name it.

What is 4% Challenge and how is it different from other online business programs?

FourPercent Challenge is the most comprehensive, step-by-step video guided daily coaching program specifically designed online business program to help you create a true and lasting breakthrough in your business, marketing, results, income, and life.

I’ve never come across anything remote that offers value like the Success Challenge does. The mastermind trainings are incredible.  Everything is based on personal development and the laws of success. As my mentor says: “It’s not about doing certain things, it’s about doing certain things in a certain way that breeds massive success.” This goes parallel to what I’ve read in various success mindset and how to get rich books. There’s science to it and when you follow it, you cannot fail.

Some training steps are created to activate ‘the Marketing Genius‘ inside of you. And they do. The Four Percent Challenge teaches you how to think and how to build marketing strategy to build million dollar campaigns that you can model after in your business.

To eliminate overwhelm and help you get results fast, The FourPercent Challenge is broken down into 3 levels. Each level is built upon and is an extension of a previous one – this is a secret key ingredient to your exponential and rapid growth, providing you a solid and clear path to follow!

Below find video testimonials of people going through the challenge as well as the program details and levels.

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Level 1 focuses on the following key ingredients:

* activating your ‘inner-success mechanism’
* strategic product selection
* strategic and unique positioning in the marketplace
* messaging
* core skillsets in marketing
* multi-channel prospect acquisition
* customer acquisition* multi-stream income structure
* development of your central hub



Once you’ve successfully completed level 1 and you’re able to generate at least $10,000 consistently and repeatedly, it’s time to graduate and go to level 2.

This is where things really start to become fun! The goal here is to 10X what you did in level 1.

Would you like to hear something cool though? Once you’re at level 2, the amount of work that is required for you to 10X your results will actually be A LOT LESS than what it took for you to go from zero to $10K.

In this level, we’re developing and stacking a few more key skillsets to MULTIPLY your results.

Here’s what the focus in is on level 2:

*  market leadership positioning
*  invisible influence & persuasion skillset development:
*  strategic product stacking (s.P.S.)
*  mass promotion strategies
*  custom systems & leverage creation
*  planting the seeds of total domination



Ok, now we’re getting serious. When you graduate to this level, you’re really playing big and are able to literally write your own check in life, and create your own economy.

If you dare to go for this final level – get ready because once you step through these doors, your life will never be the same again.

This will be available to you but only the brave, daring, and committed will experience it.


* recurring revenue models and systems
* systems scaling
* movement marketing campaigns
* category ownership initiatives

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As you see The Challenge is the most powerful and comprehensive online marketing program and  internet marketing course for any entrepreneur, marketer, consultant, coach, speaker, author and such to utilize to grow their business online to dominate in their market place.

Become Powerful Entrepreneur and Master Marketing

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