4 Tips How to Learn Internet Marketing Online

4 Tips How to Learn Internet Marketing Online

When I first started my journey to build my own business online, I knew I had to learn internet marketing. I wanted to work from home, automate my business so I make money while I sleep. Yes! and I also wanted to have multiple streams of income 🙂

It took some trial and error for me to finally find the best way to learn how to do online marketing business and to learn internet marketing strategies that not only help you build your business right now, but help you scale your business later in future. This is important to plan for in the beginning as you are laying your foundation.

4 Tips How to Learn Internet Marketing & Online Business

1. Find a mentor who has done what you want and is DOING it still and MAKING MONEY.

You don’t want theories. You want to find someone in the real world making it happen. Their experience will and knowledge will help you take things to the next level when you are ready. If you want to look for someone with academic learning, go for it. Just be aware that often the classes only teach theory and with technology changing so fast, what you were thought no longer may not be valid. That’s why I’m a big fan on finding teachers online who teach what’s working now and who’ve been doing it several years. This shows they understand the online marketing strategies and how to build business for long term.

Avoid trying to learn everything!
If you’ve been doing internet marketing already, you know easy it is to get sucked up in “learning a lot of things” that are not relevant to the business you want to build. Check out some respected online marketers and follow them. Join their subscriber list on their website and also connect via social media. Absorb what they are saying and how they are saying it. This process will help you find the one who offers you what you are looking for.

2. Invest in yourself.

And by that I mean not only invest in learning the online marketing business but to invest in building you. Focus on personal development. This is what I found all the leaders are doing.

Look at what is out there so you don’t fall in ‘traps’. I followed various gurus and often receiving conflicting information that would only confuse and overwhelm me. Hence why I recommend above to find that ONE person, ONE mentor who you decide to listen and do what they say.

Understand that nothing worthwhile doing is free so investing in your education and personal development is a must. And not only that but imagine the time you save, the frustration you avoid when you have a clear plan to follow, knowing the steps you are taking will lead you to your goals?.

Make sure the online marketing training provides massive value with actionable steps, provides clear marketing strategy and systems for you to automate and grow your business with. You want to learn specialized knowledge and specific skills to stand out from your competition who all are doing the same ‘follow the blind’. Knowledge will give you ideas and creativity to be powerful and unique in your marketplace.

3. Choosing your internet marketing business and niche to focus on.

There are 5 reasons people buy. We all can use advice and help with love, money, time, career and health decisions. Go ahead and do some observing as you go about your week and you’ll see this is true.

People spend money to stay healthy, to make more money, to get training to advance their career, to have more time and fun with their family, to travel etc. So whatever you sell online has to be connected to one of these five reasons.

People don’t just think all of a sudden, “Hey, I need to hire a professional organizer or get a life coach!” (No disrespect to those jobs. They’re both great.) People DO do get thoughts like, “I have got to start making more money!” or “I have to lose weight!”. Connect your business to one of those in some way.

4. Find a marketing training center that helps you earn while you learn.

This is truly great concept that I personally just love. In the beginning when you are starting you want to market someone else’s products that are on demand and known to convert. This will save you lot of headache, as creating your own product is not the easiest thing to do.  Once you master selling online and you have your own brand, then you can create your own products as you will know the ins and outs on how to write copy, to build sales and marketing funnels, how to find your audience, convert your offers and so on.

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