Discover How an Idea can make you a Millionaire
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How to Create a Multi-Million Dollar E-Commerce Business and Brand Online

“How To Build Your Own Very Successful E-Commerce Business And Brand From Scratch…” A Simple Step-by-Step GuideYou’re Going To  Learn…

  • How to build your very own, successful e-commerce business from scratch
  • How to tap into a multi-trillion dollar hungry market and win big
  • Traffic & marketing strategies that pull millions of dollars in ecom sales
  • How local retailers will pay you $5K – $25K for helping them (and you don’t even need to sell or present anything!)
  • How to hit the ground running right away


In this episode you will discover what does it take to build a multi-million dollar brand in e-Commerce.

Entrepreneur business and marketing training provided by Four Percent.

If you’re in the marketing business, you might have noticed that a lot of things around the subject of branding have changed in the last decade. How you brand your business is no longer just a matter of implementing clever, creative, and timely ad placements.

Making your brand stand out is, needless to say, no piece of cake. Successfully managing your brand in the inbound age is about more than just connecting all the phases on the marketing funnel and creating content that attracts and converts leads. It’s about doing all of that – and more!

You need to be more active, more vigilant, and more knowledgeable than ever to realize and prove maximum return on the investment of establishing a knockout brand. This video will show you how to create effective, recognizable brands, products and stores, for the e-commerce age.